Monday, 27 February 2012

Sherberton Jollytime and Morgan - A New Partnership?

Yes, little Maud could have a new jockey, a lot smaller and lighter than me!

My niece Morgan has a pony but unfortunately her pony is "too safe", in other words it doesn't move. I had one of those types of pony too, but she had an excuse - a gammy stifle joint. But in the hunting field, you wouldn't know she had any sort of problem until there was a fence to jump, then she' start looking for the gate!

Sadly, riding her pony at Pony Club, Morgan was unable to participate fully as the pony wouldn't keep up with the others, wouldn't pop over poles, wouldn't trot or canter and so from what I gather, she was being ignored by the instructor and that made her feel useless and very unhappy.

My Mother on the other hand was furious, and offered Maud for Pony Club rallies. So on Sunday before last, I took Maud over for Morgan to try, to find out what it feels like to ride a completely different type of pony to the one she already has, to ride a forward going, fast paced pony with a jaunty gait. (A gait with which she managed to jigger my back last Saturday!)

Last Tuesday night at Pony Club was a great success. With a new instructor, Morgan riding Maud led the ride in turns, led over the poles, cantered when asked to, did all the things that everyone else in the group were doing and so was a part of the ride. They were included. Big smiles all round - and that included my Mother!

Yesterday, I took Maud and Morgan out for a 3 to 4 mile hack, so that Morgan could have more time to get to know Maud, how she feels to ride and vice a versa and become more confident too.

Guess what?

It rained.

Next Pony Club Rally is Tuesday 6th March ..... hope the second outing is as successful as the first.

Below are a few photos I took yesterday.